KUL.productions (formerly Resolve CPH) offers experiential and creative production support by engaging the talented progressive freelance artists, social conductors and logistics aces in our coterie. KUL works diligently and quietly behind-the-scenes to ensure the success of your project all while making sure you look flawless in the process.  

Chella Cardona-Jackson,

Principal, Executive Producer

Chella was instrumental in pulling together a magnificent event for my company during SXSW. I work for a company filled with executives who have experienced and produced many great events across the world. Not only did the event impress EVERYBODY who attended - world-renowned restauranteurs, Silicon Valley CEOs, venture capitalists, world class musicians - she was the organization and the execution that pulled it all together. We let Chella run with the event from the beginning and what she produced was unbelievable; two huge musical acts, a gourmet dinner for 200, incredible decorations imported from across the country, and even two dancing girls on an old Cadillac. She made magic.
— Sean Foley, Raptor Group
Having worked with Chella on at least five productions, I can offer that rare endorsement one wishes they could offer everyone; she’ll get the job done. Chella sees through brick walls and bends deadlines backwards. She’s deadset on understanding the creative vision being executed, and if asked, she’ll offer her excellent input, but otherwise doesn’t let her ego get in the way. She completes exactly what you’re dreaming of, down to the last crystal on the chandelier and the exact kind of olive you want in the martini. She also works harder than anyone I know to shave the budget at every opportunity, whether she makes you aware of it or not; it’s on principle. This is rare integrity, especially in a field of bloated invoices and complicated contracts. Chella is a rock, and can be relied on to make ideas into reality, and without losing your wallet.
— Jardine Libaire, Justine’ s
I have known Chella Cardona for over thirteen years, and during that time have worked alongside her, or under her command, on numerous projects, some of them extremely high-pressure. These projects include fashion shows, special events, magazine layouts, restaurant openings, etc., and Chella’s role was usually that of director/producer/organizer/enforcer/
spokesperson/planner/prop-mistress/set decorator/etc. You get the idea: she does it all, and does it well. She can run a crew or run solo, throw a party or throw a punch if necessary. Perhaps her greatest gift, however, is her ability to grasp and nullify an emerging crisis, before it threatens the Show. She is both intuitive and intelligent, and acts quickly, decisively, and fearlessly. She is a modern Mata Hari, and I would recommend her for the most harrowing assignment, though preferably those requiring style, stamina, and stage presence. Not to mention discretion and delicacy when needed.
— Evan Voyles, Owner Neon Jungle